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Google has its own operating system through which data can continue to be collected, but the publicity seems to be in line with things, advising developers on how to comply. However, behind the scenes, they have reportedly been telling advertisers not to use target ROAS as a bidding strategy for UAC, as Google will no longer be able to collect the post-install data it needs to deliver its algorithms. iOS14 Luxembourg Phone Number The good news for the industry is that Apple announced last week that these changes won’t follow with the launch of iOS 14 in September. Instead, they will arrive in early 2021 . So there is respite, but it’s only temporary. All of this is taking place, at least in the EU, against the backdrop of broader regulatory privacy changes that could have far-reaching implications for the digital marketing industry and the existence of things like humble cookies.

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Similar to other big changes in recent years (such as mobile-first indexing), we’ve had more. Time to figure out where we’re head than we initially expecte. We must make good use of this time! How will iOS 14 affect marketing? If you don’t run the app, it can be hard to see how this affects you as a marketer. But consider how big Apple’s install base is (they reported over 1.5 billion Luxembourg Phone Number devices in January ). This data is used to help build audience profiles – so the systems we use to drive campaigns have the potential to become less useful. It could also mean less ad inventory available. Facebook hinted in their post that if this continues, they may no longer be worth running Audience Network on iOS devices – so we’ll have advertisers competing for fewer inventory slots, which means the price for everyone Possibly higher.

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The knock-on effects of iOS 14 Another consideration is the possible knock-on effects of such a thing. As we saw with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, users were surprise to find out how their data was being use. Even though this is open knowledge to anyone working in the industry. That could awaken a desire for easier-to-implement privacy changes. Apple, with its market share and existing Luxembourg Phone Number stance, is well position to benefit here. When Apple and Mozilla introduc enhanc privacy controls in their. Safari and Firefox browsers, Google was forc to follow suit. As this issue becomes more and more important, we could see a lot of the digital marketing ecosystems. We are accustom to collapse like a row of dominoes over the next few years.

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