Extremadura Congress of Digital Marketing 2020 Badajoz

The Extremeño Congress of Digital Marketing 2020 CEDM arrives , a Digital Marketing and Ecommerce Congress in Badajoz (Extremadura) a benchmark among the country’s online marketing congresses. The Extremadura Congress of reference marketing . Sign up for the congress to learn from great speakers and specialists in digital marketing , ecommerce and SEO. It is the 3rd Extremeño Digital Marketing Congress that you can follow and participate with the hashtag congress digital marketing Badajoz On the Congress website you have all the information available about the event, both the schedule and the list of speakers or the purchase of tickets : face -to-face and by streaming .

Let’s Go with the Speakers of the Extremeño

Congress of Digital Marketing 2020 CEDM : Miguel Florido : Consultant and Professor of Digital Marketing and Social Media. Passionate about SEO and Blogging. CEO of  and Barbateño. Ana Ivars : Digital Marketing Consultant. Expert in Online Sales switzerland phone number  Strategies and Facebook Ads. Álvaro Fontela : WordPress consultant specialized in WPO and CEO of Raiola Networks. Phil González : founder of the instagramers community. MJ Cachón : SEO with knowledge of Product Design and UX. Isabel Romero : SEOcopywriter. And many more top-level speakers: David Morán, Fares Kameli, Javier Echaleku, Juan Antonio Roncero, Javier Bellido, Lola Gallent, Geni Ramos, Oscar Aguilera.

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Jean Neul Saunier Ana Camacho and Juan Pablo Tejela

Buy your ticket for the Extremeño Congress of Digital Marketing 2020 in Badajoz.  You can buy two types of tickets  Face -to-face. VIP (already sold out) and normal face-to-face, which include admission to the congress and workshops.  Streaming : follow the event from anywhere. The presentations are seen live, but they will not be recorded. So don’t miss it. If you buy your ticket, and put the coupon code “cemd20fc” you will have a 10% discount on the purchase of your ticket to the Extremaduran Congress . Why go to the Extremeño Congress of Digital Marketing Learn digital strategies I always say it, in online and face-to-face conferences you always learn, from everything and everyone.

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