Expense Reimbursement Control in Excel

LIGHT In the business world, paying some business expenses with your own money and then asking for reimbursement is very common. This greatly facilitates the financial processes and gives agility and autonomy for professionals to make some smaller spending decisions. Whether for an internal refund or something paid by a customer, this simple control is essential, as it is common to forget to collect some payments or even there is an error in the refund process and you do not receive it. That’s why we’ve created a spreadsheet that will help you precisely record all expenses, track reimbursements and be able to analyze where the biggest expenses are!

Below, I’ll Show You Some of Her Features

If you intereste, also the link to get to know her! Expense Reimbursement Control in Excel 1. Record of Reimbursements The first and main feature of the spreadsheet is the reimbursement records. In it, you will be able to have a monthly organization and make the releases phone number subscription lists including the date, the category (it will be used for future analysis), the description (optional), the amount and the date that the refund occurred, if it has already been paid. Automatically, every month the spreadsheet will calculate everything you spent that month and what has already been reimbursed. Expense Reimbursement Control in Excel 7 Prime LIGHT 2.

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Consolidated Results and Detailing with All the Historical

Information of expenses and their respective reimbursements.  The spreadsheet will automatically provide you with an overview.  Of what happened month by month, as well as a detail.  View of the evolution of each expense category. Expense Reimbursement Control in Excel 8 3. Reimbursement Report and Graphics Finally, the spreadsheet also gives you the graphical view of the consolidated results, prepares all this data for printing and generates a ranking of the top 20 refunds you need to receive, in case you need to send them to someone. Expense Reimbursement Control in Excel 9 Did you like our spreadsheet? Visit the product page to download a free demo version !

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