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Per Filippo Ghermandi-06/22/201705846 How to change from MEI to ME Prime LIGHT By Conube Accounting Online* In the name it is Simples, but the truth is that Simples Nacional is a tax regime with a series of peculiar characteristics that make it the most complex of the existing models in Brazil. Just to give you an idea of ​​what we are talking about, it currently has 6 annexes, which are the divisions by tax bands and certain activities. But then why would it be so worth racking your brains to understand how it works? What is the importance of studying all the annexes and their respective tax bands? How much is it worth learning how to calculate your taxes and check the ways to save by opting for this format?

Well, Simples Nacional Is a Tax Regime

Regulated by Complementary Law (LC) 123/2006 , which unifies the payment of several taxes in a single guide, which, in itself, represents a very great practicality in the busy life of a company and in everything that involves the payment schedule of its taxes. But, in addition, this is still phone numbers in honduras  a regime that often allows the payment of lower rates, depending on the annex in which your company’s activity is framed and also according to the tax band to which it is subject, This varies according to the company’s revenue. Prime LIGHT Xiii! It started to get complicated, right? But don’t despair. Read the post and you will understand better. After all, Simple is not as complicated as it may seem.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Simple

Nacional There is no doubt that Simples has more advantages than disadvantages. No wonder, it is the favorite shot by companies that can opt for it in Brazil. In second place in this ranking appears the Presumed Profit and, in the sequence, the Actual Profit . Positives of Simple Nacional – Possibility of lower taxation compared to other regimes, according to the company’s activity. There are rates starting at 4.5%, so it is worth doing some research to see if the business can be classified under Simples. – More simplified form of payment of taxes, since the guide unifies the collection of several taxes. With this, the entrepreneur starts to run less risk of missing the deadline of a specific rate.

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