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If the LCP value is much higher than the FCP, then we need to see how to better simplify the display of this largest element. determine the largest element The first thing you might want to do is determine what the largest element is. The largest element is based on pixel area, which can change at different breakpoints, so a visual scan may not necessarily identify the correct element. In PSI, the Diagnostics Indonesia Phone Number should have a “Maximum Content Paint Elements” panel. Alternatively, you can view the LCP by hovering over the indicator in the Chrome Performance Monitoring Tool, as shown below. LCP Maximum Element Diagnostics On the Hallam site in the example above, Performance Monitor shows LCP as the main “Thrive Online” heading.

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Ideally, the LCP should follow the FCP right away, as in this example, and if there is a gap between the two, we need to try to understand why. Are the fonts optimiz? If the biggest thing above the folded element is typography, then we need to Indonesia Phone Number sure the font delivery is as lean as possible. This includes: Use CSS font display swap; to ensure the font is display immediately when the font file is load. Both Google Fonts and Adobe’s Typekit can set font “display” parameters. Try hosting .wolf and .woff2 font files locally on the server instead of making cross-domain requests to third-party fonts. Google Fonts is fairly fast, Type kit fonts are slower, and some third-party font foundries are less reliable.

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Preloading font files can help. Locally hosted fonts are usually includ in a website’s main stylesheet, but this stylesheet. Must be download and pars before additional requests can be made for the fonts in it. Preloading tells the browser to start downloading fonts faster without waiting for the CSS to be pars. Use reconnect and dns-prefetch for 3rd party font foundries. These directives will help establish DNS, TLS, and TCP connections between third-party domains before making requests for fonts. Include only the typography font files needed above the folded display. The font assets of icon libraries like Font Awesome are notoriously heavy, but requests for these (and the corresponding icon library CSS) can often be deferred and loaded after the <head> element. Do not make cross-domain requests for font files in the main site’s stylesheet, as this relies on connectivity and additional lookups to third-party domains.

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