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Competition. The number of advertisers that showed ads for each keyword against all keywords on google. Here you can see how competitive the ad channel is for a keyword (low. Medium or high). Bid. The indicative amount you will have to pay if you want to invest in google adwords. The suggested bid is calculated by considering the costs per click (cpcs) advertisers are paying for the keyword. Based on the settings you enter. Based on the keywords selected.

It’s time to start creating new Accounting Directors Email Lists pages and optimizing the existing ones so that google understands that your content is the best answer when the user searches for them! Here you can consult “ 7 seo techniques to appear at the top of searches ”. Remember that the blog also provides fundamental support. Through the continuous updating it provides and through the creation of useful and quality content for the target audience. According to the defined keywords.

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Was this post enlightening? Contact us if you have any questions and find out how outmarketing can support you in developing a complete inbound marketing strategy! Article originally written in june 2016 and updated to june 2021 category. Digital marketing 02/06/2021 tags. Inbound marketing content marketing digital marketing if the share this article! Share on facebook share on twitter share on pinterest share on linkedin post navigation previous previous post. No ideas to increase sales? Content marketing helps. Have you noticed that voice search has increased?

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How many times have you asked siri. Google now or cortana questions? Keeping up with this new search trend is essential to stay in the top positions in the search rankings. In this blog post. Learn a little about voice search and how you can optimize your website’s seo. How does voice search work? Ever heard of hummingbird ? It’s the nickname for one of google’s latest updates to its ranking algorithm. With this update. Google began to better understand user searches. And if the results were. Until now. Listed according to the meaning of the keywords.

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With this algorithm. They started to be interpreted by the intention and context in which the search is carried out. In other words. The semantics of the content become much more valuable. If the hummingbird algorithm understands that certain pages are more interesting to the user. It will list them in the first results. And this optimization has allowed the world’s largest search engine to become more efficient voice search. If before the user typed “marketing for it”.

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