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Influencer marketing has always been a powerful technique for building trust, educating audiences, and making new connections. But it is especially important now as a suitable channel to share your values ​​and create a sense of community. With lockdowns in place and many furloughed, it’s no surprise that we’re flocking to social media to stay connected in times of crisis. In fact, nearly every Macedonia Phone Number media platform has reported an increase in users since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, with Youtube recording a 15% increase in website traffic and a 40% surge in WhatsApp usage. But what does this mean for influencer marketing? With the shift in marketing focus, the ideal brand tone is now one of unity and honesty, and influencer marketing is more important.

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Than ever to deliver real value to marketers. In fact, influencers have seen a 72% increase in ad content since the lockdown began ad-instagram-marketing As we continue to practice social distancing, influencer marketing Macedonia Phone Number a sense of community that many people lack. Every successful influencer has built their own unique community of loyal and engaged followers perfect for brands to leverage. Often, when we market a product or service, our primary goal is to create a community around a business or brand. With influencer marketing, the hard work is already done for you. Influencers engage with their audiences and engage with them on a regular basis—whether by answering comments or questions, or participating in influencer live chats. Therefore, they are best suited to understand their audience, their habits, and how they are feeling about the current situation.

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Not only do these social listening insights provide the ideal. Discovery to enable businesses to build content that best serves their audience, but they also help create. Asense of community, which is Influencers can help educate your audience. Audiences place a lot of trust in the influencers they follow, making them. Ideal for sharing critical information during these difficult times. In March, the Macedonia Phone Number Nations release their ” Global Call to Creatives. An Open Briefing from the Unite Nations “, calling on creatives, influencers. Celebrities, talent networks and media owners to create shareable content to help reach important public health information. Influencers, celebrities and public figures are involv, producing. Sharing handwashing videos and reminders for their audiences. This clearly shows that influencer marketing is critical at a time when more traditional marketing methods are becoming redundant. View this post on Instagram

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