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The following principles help develop a relationship: Reciprocity Sympathy 2. Removing uncertainty Has the relationship been established? Then the next step for the messenger is to remove any doubt or uncertainty from the receiver. These principles are aimed at: Authority Social proof Unit 3. Call to action The final step in the influencing process is, of course, inciting action. As an influencing party you do this with: scarcity Consistency But what about newer forms of marketing, such as marketing automation? You can read more about this below per motive and principle, as well as about its application in your marketing automation strategy.

 On Specially Developed Shareable

Motive 1. Building relationships Most of your website visitors are on your website for the first time. You are therefore still virtually unknown to them, in other words: you have not yet built up a relationship with them. How can you build that relationship with marketing automation? Principle 1. Reciprocity Give Albania WhatsApp Number List something to get something in return. Reciprocity and marketing automation You can grant small favors within marketing automation. Consider sharing a free white paper. Do you host this on your website? Then you can make a trackable link and add it in your marketing automation tool, for example under ‘media’. Every time a lead interacts with your white paper, you can see this reflected in your marketing automation tool.

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Specially Developed Shareable

Does this visitor use your white paper? Then they are one step closer to actually becoming a customer. After all, they are ‘indebted’ to you. Screenshot of subscribing to a newsletter. Source: And how CW Leads about a discount? That works exactly the same. As a webshop you can, for example, give a discount of €5 on the next purchase of this new customer or newsletter subscriber. The customer thinks: “That’s nice. I get a small gift from that webshop.” This causes two reactions: you increase in appreciation, and you increase the chance of a purchase. If not immediately, then it will be in the long run. You can then send one or more emails via marketing automation containing the discount code.

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