How to Make a Crisis Plan in Social Networks

There are times when, as a community manager , we have to deal with crisis management on social networks. If your brand is more powerful, it is more likely that you can have a crisis in social networks . To do this, you need to have a defined Social Network Crisis Plan , so as not to leave online reputation management to free will. And it is one of the essential elements in any Social Media Plan . The online reputation of a brand is something very serious. Taking care of what is said, where it is said, and who says it, is essential to safeguard that reputation, and it is necessary for that safeguard to have a crisis management protocol . To develop this Crisis Plan on social networks you need to know the steps to follow . That’s what today’s post is about.

That We Have to Take into Account

When developing this crisis management protocol in social networks. Steps in a Social Media Crisis Plan Step 0 – Always monitor your brand on social networks Thus, many things can be avoided, or at least mitigated, if we solve them in time. And for this it is necessary that in your Crisis Plan saudi arabia phone number on social networks you always monitor your online reputation on social networks. What can we monitor? -Brand mentions. -Mentions of brand managers with a public profile. – Mentions of brand products. -Mentions to brand services. -Mentions to affiliated companies of the brand. -Keywords of the brand: own, responsible, of the sector, by products and services. Many times they originate in a forum, blog or similar, which they then share on social networks.

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Monitor All the Networks in Which There Is a Presence

In which it is not, too. Step 1- Origin of the crisis In this second step of our Crisis Plan in social networks. Monitoring the day to day of our online reputation.  We detected a problem. Then what do we do? We have to take into account several factors in a crisis in its origin phase.  Where does this crisis take place? -See if you have gone from websites to social networks.  If you are on one or more social networks only. What is said about us as a brand. Which profiles say it, the source of the crisis. Step 2- Who will participate in crisis management Well, we already have a crisis, and now it’s time to get to work to solve it.

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