Stores Within The Creek Metaverse

Analyzing behavior (data) generates a lot of extra revenue for companies. This way you can show the right advertisement at the right time to the right (potential) consumers in their search for a product or service. It is often thought that only marketers or companies benefit from this. That’s not quite the case. It is precisely by studying consumer data that companies can show more targeted and personal advertisements, instead of shooting with hail. This prevents noise and you as a consumer receive relevant advertisements tailored to your preferences.

Within The Creek Metaverse

What about Second Life, from 2003! Brands are also starting to sniff the metaverse. Research has shown that people Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List watch AR videos 4 times longer (75 seconds) than regular mobile videos. AR also has a higher stickiness factor. The content remains 70% longer among the target group than non-AR. Also read: Inspiration! 13 formats for content on social media metaverse Metaverse is one of the most discussed topics of 2021. Although Facebook took the first place with the announcement of the new era and its new brand name Meta, this topic has of course been alive for some time for the business sector that develops and offers AR/VR products and services.

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The Creek Metaverse

Google indicates that data tracking via Chrome will not be the same from 2023. All the possibilities that marketers have now will change. For example, Nike and Zara have already launched stores within the CEEK metaverse application. Nike even bought a studio specializing in designing “shoes for the metaverse.” Will a whole new digital commercial revenue model including associated advertising culture open up in the future? We think so. The trend for social advertising. Source: Advertising. 2. The end of third-party cookies is (finally) in sight! Google announced years ago that they were going to ban third-party cookies from their browsers. They have postponed it until 2023 for now. So we still have 12 months to prepare for this. What effects will this have on social advertising?

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