Creative Deals During Covid With Deal Machine

We’re all going through crazy times right now, but that doesn’t mean business has stopped. Many of us are ‘locked down’, but that doesn’t mean people are hiding in their homes all day. The world continues to move, but at a slower pace. We Cyprus Phone Number recently did some great episodes with top investors like Mike Hambright discussing ways investors and agents can change their strategy during COVID. Today we sat down with David Lecko to talk about some amazing strategies you can use when driving for cash and how you can use DealMachine and Carrot to amplify your success rate.

Creative Strategies

Right now, some of David’s best clients use Deal Machine to find the worst homes around. Whether or not it’s an absent owner or a vacant home, they add them to their list and get in touch. The use of direct mail through the Deal Machine app is booming – savvy investors know competition has slowed, people are feeling pressure to sell, and let’s face it, after staying home all day, opening the courier can be quite exciting. Here are some ways to improve your game: Hire someone for bird-dog properties on your behalf. You can pay them by the hour, adding an incentive for each qualified property added to your contact queue.

Agents Can Avoid

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Cyprus Phone Number List

Change your mailing, let people know how you can help them during this scary time. Use Zoom as much as possible and offer incentives such as staying home until the virus has passed. Double your marketing efforts. Your competition is slowing down, advertising is cheap, and people are looking for solutions more than ever. Don’t give up just yet. According to David’s numbers, if you mail 200 owners, you’ll need to mail them 3 times over 3 months before you start making things happen. It can take time to get a deal! Remember that you are building your pipeline now. In 3 months, when the market returns and you don’t close any trades.

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