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Enabling users to narrow down brands, product types, and sizes on an e-commerce site is great for users, but can cause trouble for search engines if not managed properly. keyword cannibalization Keyword cannibalization occurs Cyprus Phone Number multiple pages on a website target the same or similar keywords. In this case, it may be difficult for search engines to determine which page is best to rank for a particular search query. At best this could result in a “wrong” or “undesirable” page ranking for that term, or it might not rank or even not rank at all. Example of duplicate content on the Raleigh Bicycles website. Two Pages Scramble for Electric Bikes Example of duplicate content on the Raleigh Bicycles website.

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The site has two pages competing for electric bikes wasted crawl budget. If you have a large number of parameter-based URLs to index, search engines may end up not being able to crawl your site efficiently. If you consider different filtering options and different combinations, it’s easy to see how the problem occurs. I’ve seen sites with 50+ parametric versions of a single page that are hard to index Cyprus Phone Number therefore fail to rank. Listed below are some different URL filtering permutations to give you an idea of ​​how fast search engines can crawl 1000s of unnecessary pages when everything goes wrong When I originally wrote this article, I discussed issues with the Halfords ( website due to parameters. I’m happy to say that most of these issues have been fix. Their category pages are ranking better than before, but the site still has some issues. The website uses URL parameters to dynamically provide product and search. Filter results for bike type, brand, size, style, or a child or adult audience.

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The problem for Halfords was that their site didn’t handle a lot of dynamically genera. URL parameter pages that would end up creating competing category pages for Google to index. To illustrate how parameter URLs hurt organic Halford’s performance. The screenshot below shows Google’s search results for “women’s bikes” at the time. For this search, the Halfords’ main bike category appeared in the search results instead of their women’s bike category page. The Halfords site does not rank as well as Google due to issues with URL parameters on the site. Decathlon and Evans Cycles rank the women’s cycling category pages. Which makes sense because these pages best match the search query “women’s cycling.”

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