This Makes Them Completely Ready

The innovations of De Persgroep Media It’s a poorly keep secret that DPG is dissatisfied with Google’s SSP and would like to say goodbye to it. In 2021 it slowly became clearer why they are still waiting. They want to make the alternative as attractive as possible for advertisers. And to be fair, she succeeded. De Persgroep already has a platform (DataLAb) where you can create your own target group segments and prepare them for a campaign. You can manage this or have it booked through your DSP.

Makes Them Completely Ready

But as soon as you understand that because of cookieless. Advertising you can only use segments of Google in Google products, the world of digital advertising suddenly becomes very small. The truth is a bit Iceland WhatsApp Number List more nuanced, but it is still important to delve into the development surrounding cookieless advertising. We do not yet know how far we will go and in black and white, even the interaction on your advertisement can no longer  measure properly. Every ad comes by definition from third-party tech and requires third-party cookies to measure it.

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Them Completely Ready

If I can set so little on my end, why not just buy my impressions guaranteed? Via a Guaranteed Deal or a Managed direct purchase? Via the Programmatic Germany WhatsApp Number List Guaranteed you will receive data directly into DoubleClick or your other DSP. Then you can build real-time dashboards. Only let that argument become debatable due to the innovations of parties such as Azerion and DPG, which are working hard on APIs and self-serve platforms. That could just be the reason that no bid request meets your settings and you therefore purchase very few impressions.

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