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Therefore, we should use TTI and TBT metrics from laboratory data for this, as low times for these metrics will correlate with low FID. So how do we optimize for these metrics? Audit your JavaScript JavaScript can come in all shapes Japan Phone Number sizes, and it’s not uncommon for a single video embed, chat widget, ReCaptcha script, or HubSpot integration to be the sole reason behind high FID, TTI, and TBT metrics. The Diagnostics panel in Page Speed ​​Insights is a good place to start. The “Minimize Main Thread Work” section will tell you how much execution time your JavaScript is taking up, the “Reduce JavaScript Execution Time” section will indicate which files have high parsing and execution times, and the Reduce the impact of third-party code” will be highlighted and grouping high-impact third-party scripts.

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The screenshot below shows a site with multiple heavy scripts with an interaction time metric of 15 seconds. Many scripts come from third parties, including HubSpot and Vimeo. Impact of 3rd party scripts on Google PageSpeed ​​Insights For deeper analysis and visualization of how these scripts are affecting page loads, Chrome’s Performance Monitor tool can be a great way to gain insight into which scripts and functions are relative impact of those Japan Phone Number the page loads those scripts that are executing lengthy scripts. . The example below, from the same site, shows JavaScript represented by yellow, pink, and orange bars, with longer bars showing tasks that took longer to execute. When we click on these longer tasks, we can see that the highlighted script is related to the larger script highlighted by PSI above.

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Performance Monitor Example Screenshot showing a lot of JavaScript in Performance. Monitor Once we have a better understanding of which scripts are impacting performance. We can use a number of techniques to minimize their impact, as described below. Load scripts asynchronously JavaScript executes sequentially by default. If there are any scripts that do not depend on the loading of Japan Phone Number scripts, those scripts. Should be load with the ‘async’ attribute so that they do not prevent other scripts from being pars and executor. Load JavaScript conditionally A common problem we see on many. Websites is that a lot of scripts are load globally or on a page when they are not need. For example, if you need to use ReCaptcha to help stop spam on form submissions. Make sure to only load scripts on pages that have forms.

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