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A metric that indicates the visibility of a website in organic search results . Voice Search – Search using a voice assistant like Alexa or Siri. There’s a lot of debate about whether SEO should be optimized for voice search. Read more: Optimizing Voice Search and Digital Assistants width Site Navigation – Links within your site to your pages. White Hat – The practice of improving search rankings while maintaining search engine terms of service. 0-9 301 Redirect – is a web server feature that redirects an old web page address or URL to a new web page address or URL. Kind of like redirecting mail when you move house, but permanently. A 301 redirect is a “permanent” redirect state that means the page has moved.

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If you are building a new site or changing the names of any pages on Germany Phone Number must 301 redirect the old pages to the new pages to preserve any value established in search engines and prevent page load errors on your site. 404 Page – A 404 page is a page displayed when a user tries to access a page that no longer exists or mistypes a URL. It is important for you to create custom 404 pages on your website because these are important for usability. It’s frustrating for users to experience 404 pages, and if they can’t find what they’re looking for, it’s just a click away. more? Working from home is something most office workers have to take in stride, but what about when you haven’t even set foot in an office before?

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Starting a new job can be scary at the best of times, but starting during a pandemic can create new hurdles. Since we started working remotely, we’ve had some new people join the Haarlem team, including myself. Our PR and outreach expert Tom Bestwick is another, and as he mentioned. In his article about starting a new role during the pandemic, I’d also say it’s been a smooth transition thanks to the initiatives Hallam has taken , but not without its challenges. challenges Remote work has its benefits; living in the comfort of your home with the longest commute from bed to desk is certainly a perk! However, many onboarding tasks that seemed simple at first suddenly turned into a hindrance. administrative Every workplace has its own set of management systems.

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