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Optimize your images to ensure they are not larger than they ne to be. Technical Health Right now you ne to make sure that your website responds to the device it is being access on, be it a mobile, tablet, laptop or laptop computer screen. Google is a particular fan of mobile responsiveness, now mandatorily introducing mobile-first indexing later this year. Keeping your sites healthy is a bit more technical than just making sure they respond to the device they’re view on.

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After all, your site nes crawling! Crawlability refers to the amount of time Google bots want to spend on your site, allowing it to move up the search engine rankings. Essentially, you want to make sure your website is: Fast: There are several ways to increase your page spe, including enabling compression where possible, rucing the number of rirects on Poland Number Data your site, and using a CDN otherwise known as a “content delivery network” to improve the spe of your content is deliver to users. Crawlable To make your website more crawlable, don’t duplicate any content on your site. Instead, focus on posting unique content on a regular basis! Doesn’t feature too many “dead” links: Instead of having broken links on your website that take visitors to pages.

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That never exist or no longer exist, use a plugin to ruce the number broken links or 404 errors on your website. Free Duplicate Content: As mention, you ne to make sure you are consistent on your website. Make sure there is no duplicate content and include the CW Leads rel canonical” link element if possible to avoid future duplicate content issues. Secure To ensure your website is as secure as possible, be sure to select a capable host and keep all your security subscriptions up to date. In some cases, it may be beneficial to install a secure sockets layer certificate not only to project the data, but also to improve your search engine rankings.

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