China Has Neither High Expectations Nor Complete Despair for Biden’s Rise to Power

New product development, managing distribution. Channel demand, predictive maintenance of equipment. Central news agency reporter qiu guoqiang in beijing for the u.S. Presidential election. China, which has been pursued by the current. President donald trump (“trump” in hong kong), should be the country .That is most focused on the result. Now that joe biden has .Announced his victory, beijing is cautious but. Not necessarily optimistic. About the new opponent. Compared with trump who entered the white house as a political amateur, biden has been a politician who has been in washington. For decades, and it is relatively easy to find the gap. However, the direction of the .Stroke has changed drastically in washington. And china has been cautious but not necessarily optimistic about biden’s .

Beijing’s Prudent but Not

Necessarily Nigeria Phone Number Optimistic” Attitude Can Be Seen From the Current Views of Chinese Scholars on Biden’s Future Policy Toward China, as Well as the Comments Made Publicly by a Few Media Outlets. The Caliber is Similar, That is, When Biden Takes Office, the Relationship Between the United States and China May Be Eased in the Short Term, but the Situation of Long-term Confrontation is Difficult to Reverse. From the Few China-related Conversations Biden Said During the Campaign, It is Enough to Make China Very Entangled. Biden Had Bluntly Criticized Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, as a “Villain,” Which at One Point Annoyed Beijing; but He Later Said That Russia Was the Biggest Enemy of the United States and China Was the Biggest Competitor, Which Made Beijing Feel a Little Bit More Relief,

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Find the Bottom Line and

Find Out What Can Be Said About China’s Policy Next to Biden and Even Within the Democratic Party. Who Are They? Or Which Forces? What’s the Background? Work Hard in the Future. Powered by Gliastudio When It Comes to the Work of “Finding the Bottom Line and Finding Gaps”, China Did a Lot of Work Before and After Trump Took Office Four Years Ago. In Particular, Trump is a Political Amateur and Has Little Ties to Washington, So Chinese Diplomats and Intelligence Officers in Washington and New York Tried Their Best, Seemingly to Catch Up With Trump’s Son-in-law Jared Kushner, the Line of Daughter Ivanka Trump Once Made Beijing Feel Proud. But Beijing Never Expected That Kushner Lost Power in the White House and His Connections Were Disconnected.

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