Cash Front System Pos in Excel

Spreadsheet with code reader prime light every retailer needs some way to keep track of their sales. Because the transaction volume is very large and the speed at which it is carried out directly impacts the quality of the service, from the neighborhood market to the large clothing chains, some type of automation is required at the checkout counter. For this reason, there are an infinity of cashier systems, also referred to as pos (point of sale), that meet different sizes, levels of integration and specific demands for different businesses. These systems can be built in the cloud, be on-premises, focused on finance, or integrated with purchasing and inventory. However, the more complex and integrated the systems are, the more expensive they become, the more difficult they are to use and the more difficult to train employees.

For Small Retailers There Is Still an Opportunity for New Tools

That are easy to use and do not require large technological structures (servers and connectivity). That’s where we come in with Excel. A super-complete spreadsheet can automate much of your cashier process, running without internet and at a fraction of the price of software. I will show below phone database list the features of the spreadsheet that is for sale at LUZ Spreadsheets! 1. Product Search by Code or Reader Prime LIGHT When making a sale, you can search for all the products registered in the spreadsheet through their code or a barcode reader. spreadsheet with code reader Launch and Sales History For each sale made, you will enter all data such as purchased products, customer (optional), discount and final value!

phone database list

The Spreadsheet Will Store This Data and Give

You a complete history of all your sales! Excel sales history. Customer consultation in addition to sales, the spreadsheet also allows you to register. Your best customers and associate them with sales. So, you also have a history that allows you to get to know them better! Excel customer database 4. Issuance of non-tax coupon for each of your sales, you can automatically issue and print a non-tax coupon. Non-tax coupon worksheet 5. Cash flow with charts the spreadsheet will generate a report with all your sales, separating what was received in cash and on the card, indicating the profit for the period. Cash flow pdv excel 6. User access control finally, the spreadsheet also has a registration system for different users with restricted access to different areas of the spreadsheet.

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