Carrot Leads Convert 7x Better and Are 2.5x

We recently asked our Carrot members about their lead-to-deal conversion rate, which is the percentage of leads that become deals. We also asked them about the source of those leads ( carrot or non-carrot leads ) to determine which Vietnam Phone Number efforts provide the highest quality leads and therefore the most deals. The results were exciting. They reported that Carrot leads convert 7x better and are 2.5x more profitable than non-Carrot leads. carrot tracks vs non-carrot tracks This is something we’ve known anecdotally for a long time – from all the reviews we’ve received from our members. For example… “The carrot literally changed my life. Trevor and his team are the best people on the planet.

The Survey Data

To be clear, non-Carrot leads refer to any leads that did not come through an investor’s Carrot website. Maybe they called, texted, or emailed instead. Carrot leads, naturally, refer to any leads that have come through the investor’s website. They visited and opted for a CTA that looks like this… Carrot Investor Website Hero Section So what exactly were the results? Well, we asked Carrot members for their lead-to-deal conversion rate and average value per deal for Carrot and non-Carrot leads. We then used these numbers to calculate the average value per lead of survey respondents. Here are the Carrot vs Non-Carrot results: Carrot leads vs. non-carrot leads per transaction Incredible, right? Carrot leads had an 8.2% lead-to-deal conversion rate , while non-Carrot leads had a 1.11% conversion rate.

Non-carrot Leads

Vietnam Phone Number List
Vietnam Phone Number List

Even more surprisingly, Carrot leads that became offers had an average value of $23,089.26 and non-Carrot leads that became offers had an average value of $9,159.11. This makes the average value per carrot $1,893.40. By the way, that’s enough to pay for a whole year of our best subscription plan! And the average value per non-Carrot lead is $102.07. Something is happening here , and let’s talk about it. But before you do, understand that we’re not saying you should n’t generate leads one way, but you should generate them another. Every real estate investor has to find what works for their business and their market, which is usually a hodgepodge of various marketing tactics. Here, we’re just looking at some high-level trends that investors might find useful.

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