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Such as the target’s name and profile picture. And a cta that can lead to a landing page with more information and a contact form. Linkedin pulse second. This linkedin tool is an excellent way to cultivate an opinion leader image – not just for your company in general. But for each of your sales specialists. Through the production of opinion pieces or articles that demonstrate their know-how . Their sales reps are able to articulate all the knowledge they have about the industry. Are accessible and invite approximations. As a result.

They generate interest IT Directors Managers Email Lists in potential leads that they try to add to their network of contacts. Facebook and instagram lead ads linkedin’s effectiveness for b2b has made it very saturated with commercial messages. Hence facebook and instagram are also platforms to consider. Although they are not specifically designed for professional purposes. The truth is that the same professionals who use linkedin also spend time (maybe even more) on these social networks.

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In portugal. 6.2 million people have a profile on these platforms. Which is an impressive penetration rate of 62%. Furthermore. Of all users of social networks in portugal. 95.1% are on facebook. Still think it’s not worth betting here? The main difference is that on facebook. It’s especially important to know your persona’s interests. As these are the main targeting criteria available. For some years now. The facebook ad universe. Which also includes instagram. Has provided ads with integrated forms (lead ads). Like linkedin lead gen ads. Part of the forms are filled out by the platform.

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Still. It’s good practice to ask for as few fields as possible. Because we know this reduces the number of dropouts. You can always get more data during lead nurturing. Finally. The conversion rate is around 10% on average. So it’s not far behind linkedin. Business accounts the first step to succeed at an organic level (and not just paid) on social media is to create business accounts. As you will need to explore statistical data to understand what content works and who your audience is. The features of business accounts help to optimize the profile to promote the brand.

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More contact fields. Opening hours. Automatic responses. Integration with all types of platforms. Such as crm and communication. Among others. Publish regular content all platforms reward profiles that post more regularly and generate more interaction. Profiles with irregular publications and/or with low interaction end up reaching less audience. This brings the interaction down and. As you can imagine. Starts a negative spiral from which it may never recover. Therefore. Even if from time to time you make correct publications.

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