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To increase conversions regardless of the purpose of your website or blog to obtain better results. In sales. This technique. Focused on results. Is part of the steps of the strategies of a well-designed marketing plan and will return results when the roi is calculated. Basically. The cro and the customer experience intertwine throughout the consumer journey with a very clear objective. To make the sales process exquisite. Personalized and dynamic. A very strong ally in this task is e-mail marketing . Which has been reaffirming its potential in customer maintenance and loyalty strategies. Vertical videos most internet and social media users use mobile devices to browse.

Chat and watch videos. According Engineering Directors Email Lists to youtube itself . More than 1 billion hours of video are viewed a day on the platform and the vertical format is nothing more than an adaptation to the format of smartphone screens. When the video is vertical. It avoids dispersion and the visualization of black borders and in addition to the ease of recording. They are friendly on social networks. As is the case for example with whatsapp. Micro influencers word-of-mouth marketing has always existed and has always been a strong ally in creating a business’s reputation. With the help of technology.

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This influencer marketing has been transferred to the “social stars” that the internet has built and has become more powerful than it ever was. You don’t have to be a kim kardashian or a cristiano ronaldo. As the cost of investing in these big celebrities is high and resembles large-scale advertising. The trend is to circulate between 10k and 100k followers on instagram. For example. Within these numbers. It is possible to dialogue with the public and create a closer and more personalized bond. In addition to presenting considerably lower costs for the marketing budget. Digital influencer tends to be more involved with the target audience and the content offered is directed to a specific niche and with greater purchase potential. More demanding sales funnel traditionally.

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The sales funnel has 3 main stages. Top. Middle and bottom. We classify each individual according to the reality of purchase. Knowledge about what they are going to buy. Requirements and other criteria related to the consumer journey. But these same future customers. When we take into account the top of the funnel. Have become more demanding and questioning. Adapting the main sales funnel matrix could be a positive solution in 2019. Including other stages in the funnel according to each reality and classifying in detail the processes. Offers. Attraction and loyalty methods.

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For example. Can be an alternative. Read more here. Sales funnel – from first date to marriage ! Abm account – based marketing is nothing more than a pre-defined strategy for the ideal customer based on accounts. Thus saving time and efforts and gaining assertiveness in conversions. Abm works side by side with inbound marketing and uses the concept of icp (ideal customer profile). From here. It is possible to generate a pre-defined list of clients and focus all attention on them. Within the reality of b2b business. The icp can also be applied taking into account some information about the “ideal company”.

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