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The AMP project uses an open source framework, which means many other companies can use it to serve content built with AMP HTML, including platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and Google Search, which is a big news publisher for content. How will AMP be used? Google will use AMP to quickly serve content on mobile devices without users having to click through to the website to view the content. If you’re reading this on a mobile device, you can see a demo of AMP in Google search results here. Pages with a valid AMP version will appear in mobile results as a carousel above the rest of the results for that particular topic. AMP pages in search results For example, in the above example, the Top News section of Google search results shows the AMP version of news stories related to “Mars” above the news and general results for that query.

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This is clearly a huge opportunity for publishers creating AMP versions of their content to outpace those who have been slow to adopt AMP. AMP example Publishers who choose to create AMP versions of their content will still need the regular desktop versions of these pages. For example, if you have an AMP version of a particular page, you need to tag it with a rel AMP HTML link on your Algeria Phone Number page, which will point Google to your AMP HTML page. Therefore, publishers who choose to adopt AMP will end up creating a page in their domain that consists of AMP HTML, as well as a regular HTML version of that page. The Guardian has launched an AMP version of every news article on its website, which you can view by adding /amp to the end of any news article.

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Guardian website, such as this article hosted on the Guardian domain. To further improve the speed at which a piece of content is viewed. AMP content that will soon appear in Google search results is often. A cached version of an article hosted on rather than the relevant publisher’s domain. The folks at Distilled highlighted the interdependence between the desktop and. AMP versions of a piece of content in a recent Whiteboard Friday chart, which you can see below. Source: Moz Whiteboard Friday Although the page in the image above has references to 2 AMP versions, the Guardian only needs to create and host one AMP version of each article on its website.

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