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Source Google 2020 Black Friday Handbook To ensure your brand can take advantage of this potential demand, make sure your budget maximizes potential traffic (within your profitability goals), which may mean removing budget caps within your specified target ROAS level. Only by doing this can you be confident that your campaigns are being closely monitored and optimized using an extensive Ghana Phone Number you can quickly drain the budget of a broader automated campaign. If you’re using Google Ads Smart Bidding, you can use seasonal adjustments to inform the platform of expected changes in conversion rates, such as Black Friday, where you expect higher conversion rates due to more attractive pricing  this helps Google automatically raises bids during times when you expect more conversions, and calls them back after the event don’t just rely on paid media Increased competition around.

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Black Friday could allow larger retailers with larger advertising budgets to drive smaller retailers out of prime ad space. Therefore, it is crucial to explore other options to maximize visibility through your own media Ghana Phone Number ultimately make Black Friday a more profitable time for your business. Over the years, we’ve worked to build awareness for our clients on Black Friday organic search and digital PR. In 2018, digital PR alone generated over £1.5 million in sales for Apple resellers during Cyber ​​Weekend. KRCS – Case Study Building visibility in organic search does n’t mean just relying on your own website , a better approach is to review your category’s overall past performance and look for specific pages and websites that you can use to improve yourself Products other than the visibility location.

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You should use PR to secure prominent placements that increase. Referral traffic to your promo pages on Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. Consider exclusive offers for existing customers, followers and subscribers. This is a great way to build brand loyalty and publicity in the long run. Email marketing can be us to reward existing customers in advance. Considering early access to existing customers can create a sense of exclusivity and drive additional sales from loyal customers. Going back to the holidays is possible. Social media can be use to target your existing fan base with the same promotions as via email. In an attempt to increase sales. Remember, paid social can also be use to reach customers who abandon their carts. As well as audiences who view a specific product page but don’t buy. Extend your plans beyond Black Friday!

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