Analysis and Application of Normal Distribution Model in Experience Design

B-end products often have long business processes and operation steps. Requiring users to follow the rules and find the corresponding page through more steps to reach the corresponding user goals. Implemented in experience design, designers need to fully consider the user’s operation weight (frequency & duration) in the operation path, and further extend to both ends of the path with the core steps as the center to complete the page layout.

How to analyze and evaluate Saudi Arabia Mobile Number the user’s weight in the operation path? Today, I will introduce a concept that I borrowed from statistics, the normal distribution model, and apply it to the process of experience design.

First, what is a normal distribution model?

The normal distribution, also known as the “normal distribution”, or Gaussian distribution, is a probability distribution that is very important in mathematics, physics, and engineering, and has a significant impact on many aspects of statistics.

If an indicator is jointly affected by Saudi Arabia Mobile Number several independent factors, and each factor cannot have a dominant influence, no matter what distribution each factor itself is, the average value of the indicator affected by their superposition is a normal distribution.

Saudi Arabia Mobile NumberThrough the start to completion of the function, the high-frequency operations and core pages of the function can be obtained, which can help optimize the function path, page layout, and function Saudi Arabia Mobile Number arrangement, making it more convenient for users. The acquisition of high frequency operation.

Through the entire path of the user from using the product to stopping using the product. It can obtain the functions that users pay attention to when using the product, which is conducive to clarifying the product positioning and optimizing the functional structure. Roles and permissions can be .

Next, we discuss the two types of normal distribution models in detail.

 Functional normal distribution model

Functional normal distribution models are mostly. Used to optimize product functions and paths. This type of model is more , the conclusions are more direct, and can even be directly to Saudi Arabia Mobile Number design solutions. Therefore, when analyzing the functional path, it is necessary to simplify the associated branch path to avoid its interference with the focusing problem, so that the analysis conclusion is more accurate.

For example, in the shopping process of a mobile phone TB, if you want to study the user’s purchasing behavior, you need to pay more attention to the user’s selection and comparison of products, and simplify the user’s payment operation path; if you study the user’s payment in the shopping process. behavior, it should simplify the path for users to select products accordingly.

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