Their Target Group With An Accuracy

Also read: Increase your reach with Spotify Advertising: 8 tips AI capabilities Quantcast founder Konrad Feldman is one of the founders of the AI ​​that detects fraud in financial transactions. A solution that has now been adopted by just about the entire banking world. Now he has developed an AI to create first-party data profiles from search, surfing and buying behavior. The AI ​​possibilities can be found in a tool that develops a profile of your ideal target group based on interests and search behavior.

Target Group With An Accuracy

The AI ​​identifies the most relevant users for your campaign goals. Even if they have never been to your site. Ultimately, Quantcast Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List focuses primarily on influencing and by definition uses a data-driven attribution model. This distinguishes it from Google, which still focuses a lot on direct interaction and directly chargeable attribution; the last-click model. Also known as direct purchasing. However, since 2020 they have been offering a Self Service platform for the Performance Product.

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Group With An Accuracy

There is another player that is growing fast, Quantcast. This is now the number 4 data processor in the world. After Google, Facebook and the defense of the United States. The giant started in 2006 as a partner for publishers in measuring and understanding France WhatsApp Number List visitor behavior: Quantcast Measure. This gives you as a publisher the opportunity to identify your users. And you can create audience segments to sell ad space with increased relevance to advertisers. In 2009, Quantcast in the US started a solution that uses this data for advertising purposes.

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