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Advertisers and consumers are curiously waiting for Prime Day 2021 after last year brought unprecedented changes to Amazon’s annual trade event. As we Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List approach a post-pandemic market, what can businesses expect this year and what can you do to ensure Prime Day is a success for your brand? Stay tuned to this blog to be the first to hear about the latest Amazon Prime Day 2021 news, updates, stats, and trends. We’ll provide updates as they arrive to help you be proactive this Prime Day season. Prime Day 2021 was big. But was it the greatest of all time? It depends. Amazon didn’t say this year’s event set a new record for total Prime Day, but they did say Prime Day 2021 was the largest two-day span ever for 3P sellers on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

At the same time, competition from smaller third-party sellers was stronger than ever, especially in the consumer packaged goods category. Large first-party advertisers saw lower total impression volume and higher CPCs than in previous years. For ROI customers, Amazon Prime Day 2021 ad sales were up 82% over 2020. Prime members also saved more than any Prime Day before, with 20 countries seeing more Prime Day purchases this year than any other year. The top categories globally for Prime Day 2021 were tools, beauty, nutrition, baby care, electronics, apparel and household products. July 1 update Amazon Prime Day 2021:

First Numbers

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Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List

The stats we know Total Amazon Prime Day sales were $10.4 billion in 2020 after being moved to mid-October due to the coronavirus pandemic, with small and medium-sized business sales accounting for $3.5 billion. dollars. After last year’s event unexpectedly happened in the fall, one in three Prime Day shoppers now say they prefer the event to happen in the summer. 148.6 million US consumers are Amazon Prime members, up from just 99.7 million in 2017. That number is expected to rise to 153.1 million next year. Prime Day shoppers who spent less than $100 during last year’s event were 4x less likely to shop this year, while those who spent more than $500 during Prime Day 2020 were 2x more likely to spend even more this year.

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