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Instead, look at football clubs like Leyton Orient – this League 2 club has done an incredible job during this lockdown. In an unprecedented move, they have sold the shirt sponsorship rights to Harry Kane, Tottenham Hotspur and the England striker, and during the 2020-21 season, the NHS, Haven House and Mind will decorate their three shirt. The news quite rightly made national headlines. Harry Kane shirt There were others along the way. Kia , Budweiser , IKEA and KFC are just four well-known companies that have innovated during COVID-19, engaging audiences in different ways. They also have the same thing in common. consumer sentiment . These brands have evolved with times and circumstances, adjusted accordingly, and received good coverage as a result.

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These types of branding campaigns take time. They usually take more insight (often new consumer trends that you may not have researched in depth before) and creativity to get it right, time is of the essence. Your consumers’ emotions are very different now than they were before COVID-19. Going back to what Julio said: “It’s going to be a different world.” Don’t let all the good work Switzerland Phone Number done during lockdown go to waste with a bad campaign or death message that might make you plan for a long-term recovery. Be prepared for possible setbacks COVID-19 has not gone away, a vaccine has not been provided, and track and trace has not been implemented. We’re just looking for new ways to adapt to it, and with that unfortunately comes the obvious threat of a second spike. Even as of this writing, we’re seeing some regions, including parts of China, that the virus has made a comeback and forced businesses to close again.

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Keep this in mind when it comes to relaunching your brand new campaign ideas and branding. You’ve pressed that pause button before and may need to press it again . Keep you and your colleagues well-informed and act on the latest government guidelines. Always stay foresight and keep your colleagues and customers updated through transparent communications. Bonus: Don’t forget the PR influence! As Hallam’s PR and Outreach Specialist , I would be remiss not to make. The most of this blog by talking specifically about your PR activities. A lot of what I’ve said has to do with internal communication and messaging, but your external PR output shouldn’t be ignored as part of that.

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