All About The May Algorithm Update

Despite the coronavirus, over the past two weeks there has been increased speculation that Google will soon update its algorithm and we were right. Last night (May 4, 2020), Google Research Officer Danny Sullivan confirmed that a core algorithm update will begin rolling out to the search engine within the next 2 weeks. Similar to previous core updates from Google, the latest update has been named “May 2020 Core Update. Later today we are releasing an extensive core algorithm update, as we do several times a year.

To Expect In The Next Few Days

This is the main update for May 2020. Our advice on these updates remains the same as what we discussed before. Please see this blog post for more Google Search Liaison May 4, 2020 A few hours later, Danny confirmed that the May 2020 Core Update had started rolling out in the SERPs. The May 2020 Core Update is now Mexico Number Data rolling out. As usual with these updates, the full rollout will typically take around one to two weeks. Google Search Liaison May 4, 2020 The Algorithm and the Google Pandemic At the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, many wondered if Google was suspending its major updates.

Mexico Number Data

There Will Likely Be Some Significant Changes

We can now officially confirm that the answer is in fact no; Google will not suspend any of its updates. But it’s not necessarily a bad thing for Google to update its core algorithm amid mass uncertainty. While it’s too early to tell exactly how the latest core update will impact the SERPs and SEO in general, these updates often have a misunderstood CW Leads goal of improving the relevance of search results. If you’ve recently updated your site’s content, it may be rising in the rankings. Which is great news for your business! Even though Google didn’t explain. Why they released a core update now, earlier today. They tweeted this: “Google Search has never seen so many searches on a single topic continue over an extended period of time as is currently.

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