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The latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 14, will arrive with us next week. Due to the changes it will implement around IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers – the only way to track. Users within an app on iOS), it is set to fundamentally change the digital marketing industry. While these changes no longer coincide with the arrival of this update. Apple says they will still be coming to devices Lithuania Phone Number in the near future. So what are the changes, why are they important to the digital marketing industry, and what might it mean for you? data as currency The internet may seem free to use, but there is one currency that pays for everything. data. your data. The internet has been funded by advertising for as long as it has existed, and advertising has become more sophisticated over time as we are able to collect more data about our users and use it to target individuals in specific ways.

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This targeting is based on who they are, what they do online. What they might be interest in, and so on.  As things evolve, the value of our data increases​​​and advertisers are willing to. Pay premium prices to access this information so they can target us online. Companies like Google and Facebook have built their entire businesses. On this foundation and made Lithuania Phone Number in the process. people don’t like ads Most people don’t like ads, which is not surprising to many. A recent survey revealed that 74% of people are actively doing everything they can to avoid ads whether it’s by paying for content, using ad blockers or changing the way they consume media. Where many recent privacy protections fall short is that most of them require active consumer effort, whether by changing browsers, digging into your phone’s settings, or browsing cookie banners to minimize your exposure.

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It’s not easy and it’s not convenient. So the status quo continues. Apple changes the game What makes these upcoming changes from Apple so shocking isn’t that it’s new. These changes to IDFA have been in iOS for a while now, hidden in Settings. The difference now is that Apple finally lives up to its privacy-centric. Claims by putting this box in front of every user. Who launches an app Lithuania Phone Number wants to track them with IDFA: iOS14 update Who will click “Allow Tracking”? I won’t. You can? Impact on the industry We know these changes are significant because Google and Facebook worry about them. Facebook is trying to unite developers by telling them how this might affect their revenue.

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