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Such as: higher levels of customer satisfaction; increase in loyalty rates ; closer and more reliable relationship between the parties; more assertive internal processes; effective products and services; safer and more efficient investments; most valuable ideas and insights; more creative and innovative solutions. Thus. In value co-creation practices. Products and services are not the basis of company-customer relationships . These are. In fact. Just one of the instruments that contribute to building brand equity together. Examples of value co-creation maybe your company already applies value co-creation strategies.

But you haven’t (yet) noticed. We Canadian CFO Email List have an example of common co-creation in the b2b market : account managers . Or key accounts . These professionals have a direct relationship with customers and seek to think of solutions together that bring more value to both parties . But it is worth noting that. In fact. The co-creation of value goes much deeper than simply visiting the customer and passing on a need he has to the responsible sector. As part of the account managers do. It is necessary to involve the customer. In an immersive way . To develop a solution together. Below are some examples of companies that have used value co-creation to increase their competitive advantage and increase the chances of success for their business.

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Ab inbev ab inbev uk relied on collaboration with retailers and supermarkets for its internal processes. Touchpoints and operations. The supermarket chain co-op food . Which was part of the project. Increased levels of transparency and reliability with ab inbev. As a result. The co-creation of value generated the insertion of an employee of the multinational beer and beverage company within the logistics sector of co-op food to avoid out-of- stock products . Thus. This collaborator helped the retailer to improve its internal processes and facilitate the distribution of products to the final consumer. Generating results for both parties.

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The brazilian cosmetics company started the cocriando natura project. Which aims to combine pioneering spirit with the needs of the final consumer . Inviting its audience through its digital platform so that they can contribute to the development of the brand. In the project. Concepts and ideas for new products are created. Which are later curated by the innovation team. And innovation. For the brand. Is serious business. Just analyze the co-creating manifesto: “ it is time to reinvent our way of innovating. It’s time to co-create. Let’s go together? ” note the “let’s go together”.

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Reinforcing collaborative and joint action to generate value for the brand. Learn more about cocreating: lego group the lego group has made available a platform called lego ideas. Where anyone can expose new ideas for the company’s products. Participants must structure a prototype. Photograph it. And present it on the platform. Other users will also rate the designs. And the best-rated creations will be produced and marketed worldwide. With credit to the creator.

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