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The book Online Influence (affiliate) by Bas Wouters and Tunisia Phone Number Joris Groen elaborates further on this model. Also read: Why you sometimes want more friction with UX and behavioral change lift model wider funnel LIFT Model source: widerfunnel)4. LIFT Model This model was developed by Chris Tunisia Phone Number Goward of Widerfunnel and is useful for landing pages, for example. It consists of 6 Tunisia Phone Number factors: Value proposition : why would someone buy your product? Urgency : how much urgency do you give on your landing page.

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Clarity : how clearly does your value proposition Tunisia Phone Number emerge? Relevance : does your landing page say what the user expected? Distraction : Is there anything on your landing page that could be distracting? Fear : are there elements/components that cause fear or uncertainty? Here, for example, you see ‘fear’ returning, also named by MECLABS. And ‘urgency’, for example, is Tunisia Phone Number reminiscent of ‘timely’ of the EAST Framework. Take a look at your landing pages. Is all content relevant? What can your user possibly distract from converting? How easy is your landing page to understand? To work Where do you think the opportunities lie with Tunisia Phone Number you? Would you like to make your website easier by increasing the ability of your users? Or reduce friction.

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About the concept of ‘incentive’. When you hear the word Tunisia Phone Number incentive, you think, for example, of a free e-book that you add to an order to convince someone after all. For example, consider a hosting company that offers WordPress hosting and provides an ebook about Tunisia Phone Number WordPress. You could also just see that as part of your value proposition. MECLABS itself says in any case that an incentive should compensate for friction. Friction is also easier to interpret and can be divided into: Length-related Tunisia Phone Number friction: for example (too) many form fields.

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