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While this feature is intended for mobile, you can also create it for the desktop version. In fact, stories can also be shared like cnn stories which you can check at the link below: https://edition.cnn.com/ampstories/tech/the-hottest-new-smartphones-of-2020

how ? Interesting right !? If you are interested in knowing more about this story, you can read the next point below.


Benefits of web stories


in addition to an attractive appearance, this feature is also useful to apply to your business website such as:


1. Make visitors feel at home on the website
the stories feature on this website allows people to enjoy your content in a more fresh, light, and fun way because it is interesting to see.

Based on information from that website is me , the existence of this feature is able to increase user spend time or the time visitors spend on the website from 20 seconds to 4 minutes. What’s more, as Greece Phone Number many as 87% of people click to the end on the story content presented. How about you? Interested in trying to implement it on your website?


Maximize traffic potential

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google supports this story so that it appears on google search pages such as google search, google discover, to google image.

So you have a higher potential for website traffic than you use instagram stories, fleet, or other social media features.


3. Drive conversions
another advantage of using this feature is that it can drive the conversions you build through your landing page.

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