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It accounts for 25% of the overall speed scoring mechanism, so it is critical for reducing the delivery time of the largest projects to 2.5 seconds or less on mobile devices. Many factors contribute to high LCP, including server responsiveness, render blocking scripts and styles, CSS complexity, fonts and images First Input Delay (FID) This measures interactivity; how responsive the page is to India Phone Number input, such as through a click or tap. The target speed for the browser to respond to the first input should be 100 milliseconds or less. If the browser parses or executes a lot of JavaScript during page load, this will use up the CPU or block the “main thread”, causing the device to be slower to respond to input. High FID is often an indicator of JavaScript complexity.

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This can be a single script or function or multiple scripts. Existing PSI metrics for interaction time and total blocking time are related to FID and together account for 35% of the total speed score. Cumulative Layout Offset (CLS) This is a India Phone Number of visual stability above the collapsed content. While it’s only 5% of the overall speed score, it’s still worth considering in the overall context. A high CLS can often indicate one or more changes to the visual layout during page load, such as moving page content down when a banner is loaded. Speed ​​Score Breakdown The graph below shows a breakdown of the overall speed score and how much these new CWV metrics contribute to the GPSI score.

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Source data from Lighthouse score updates While non-CWV metrics also make up the overall score. Including First Content Paint (FCP), Time to Interaction (TTI), and Total Blocking Time (TBT), focusing on. The three CWV metrics will have a direct impact on the others. For example, fast LCP is not possible without fast. FCP, and high FID scores are direct affect by TBT and TTI. Maximum Content Drawing Optimization Tips LCP indicators are compos of numerous individual factors and are directly affected by high FCP. If the FCP is marked as poor, you may want to start here. Anything like network connectivity, server response, time to first byte TTFB, and render-blocking files can affect the FCP value. For a more in-depth look at some of these more general page speed recommendations. In addition to the LCP-specific tips below, check out our page speed ebook on the subject.

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