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We were forced to move online. At the same time, internet usage has increased by more than 70%. Your audience is waiting for you and wants thoughtful, engaging, and entertaining content. In the UK, we watch 6.5 times more video Albania Phone Number than we did before Covid. But with online saturation, it’s now an attention economy. Only brands that create attention-grabbing content can cut through the noise. To thrive, businesses need to embrace a digital-first philosophy. The default medium is now digital, rather than transforming the event into an online event. generalize In times of crisis, we learn that as human beings, we are infinitely adaptable. Within a few months, we have adapted to fundamental changes in work, life and the way we interact.

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When we exercise, micro-tears in our muscles cause adaptations that make us stronger. This form of stress is healthy because the body creates a memory for the requested excretion. This is an acute stress. We can use it as an opportunity to become stronger, but we must remember the lessons this time taught us. Flexible leadership styles, decentralized decision-making, and emotional Albania Phone Number with audiences are among the many lessons taught this time around. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are lightweight pages designed to provide mobile users with a faster, easier-to-read and more engaging experience. Google is currently prioritizing AMP, but that will change next year. If you’re developing a new website, you might debate whether it’s worth the time and effort to create AMP pages.

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AMP is a web framework that integrates with a range of Google products. While AMP is not an SEO ranking factor, speed is, and AMP provides a fast, reliable web experience. Alternatively, if you currently have a site that generates AMP versions of pages, you may want to measure the impact of AMP on your user experience and site visibility. What is AMP? AMP is a Google-backed project that Albania Phone Number to speed up the delivery of content through the use of lean code called AMP HTML. Simply put, AMP is a method of building web pages for static content (pages that don’t change based on user behavior), allowing pages to load (and prerender in Google Search) much faster than regular HTML. AMP was launch in response to projects like Facebook Instant Articles.

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