A-players for Your Real Estate Business

No matter how perfectionist you are, no matter how nervous you are about hiring other people, the fact remains… you’re going to have to Sri-Lanka Phone Number delegate if your business is going to grow and thrive. The good news is… you’re not the first agent or investor to hire for your real estate business. All of our top performers have at least a few people working for them so they can focus on growing their business rather than being locked into day-to-day details. And if they can do it, so can you (regardless of your past hiring flops). I spoke with 5 of our members who have been around the ringer – they have hired A players and they have hired F players. Along the way they have learned from their mistakes.

Company Culture

Generally speaking, people work harder when they are part of a company they believe in and when they fit naturally into the company culture. As a leader, one of the fastest ways to kill employee effectiveness is to kill employee satisfaction. And the fastest way to kill employee satisfaction is to hire someone who doesn’t fit your company culture. For this reason, Matt Big ach, the co-founder of Nexus Homebuyers, offers two tips: “Establish a company culture before integrating VAs into your team. Put your core values ​​and your vision and purpose for your business where everyone can see them. Once these are established, only hire VAs who fit your culture.

Next Employee

Sri-Lanka Phone Number List
Sri-Lanka Phone Number List

So they quickly hire someone, scramble to give them work to do, and just as quickly discover the mistake in their own way: you need to have the correct processes and systems in place before you hire someone. You need to know what this person is going to do on a day-to-day basis, you need to have instructional videos to train them, and you need to know how much you can afford to pay them… all before you hire them . Zachary Tetley, partner at Nexus Homebuyers, which has 13 VAs running the majority of the business.

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