8 Questions to Ask to Find and Choose

Marketing in-house to delegating some things to an agency. Or maybe you are looking for a new agency. How can you be sure to make the right choice Belize Phone Number List with such a crucial decision? The differences from agency to agency are far more substantial than the costs. You want to maximize results and minimize risk. You will get the best performance from a proven and trustworthy agency that matches your desires and expectations. But to find that, it’s important to know the right questions to ask. Choosing an agency is also much less taxing and time-consuming than recruiting and hiring employees. But the process still requires careful thought and due diligence. We’ve designed eight questions to help you really understand which agency is right for you and find the right relationship for your brand.

Pricing Structure

While cost is an obvious factor to consider, it should be weighed in the proper context. The difference in fees between a decent agency and a truly stellar agency can amount to a few thousand dollars per month. However, differences in technology and expertise between the same agencies can result in performance gains that outweigh any difference in cost. Digital marketing agencies typically price their services in one of three ways: 1. fees based on service level 2. Fixed costs + percentage of managed ad spend 3. Fixed costs + percentage of revenue generated by advertising There is no “best way” to price agency services.

Additional Services

Belize Phone Number List
Belize Phone Number List

Ultimately, reputable agencies assess the amount of resources they put into each client’s account based on the monthly fees earned. While a lower fee may look better on paper, keep in mind that it also usually indicates lower resource allocation and/or technology investment. 2. What are the terms of their contract and their commitment? The length of the contract should be a more important financial consideration than your actual monthly fees. Of course, even the most expensive agency fees can arguably be justified by good advertising performance. But what happens if the performance is not there? What a nightmare to find yourself having to pay agency fees months after losing confidence in your work. Month-to-month contracts are ideal, but rare. Most agencies require annual contracts.

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