8 Deals in a Month With Keith Sant of Kind House

We love Keith not just because he’s a great guy, but because he has nothing to hide. Her story proves that if you really want something and are Qatar Phone Number willing to put in the work, anything can happen. Since landing his first big deal two years ago, he’s tried everything under the sun to build a valuable investment business. Today, he shares his whole strategy and marketing mix, everything he does to crush it in such a saturated market. After that, there are no more excuses. Let’s get it!

Initial Marketing

Keith has an easy-to-remember, repeating phone number The phone number was HUGE so people could see it He included his website because it was something people could remember and refer to when they got home. Strategic where he put the panels. He didn’t put them in downtown Seattle.  Put them on the outskirts of town. He put a sign in the middle of nowhere that turned into a $30,000 market. On average, Keith drops 120 signs per month. His rule is to put out 2 signs every time he goes out. Having a website before doing his big marketing campaign was important.

Marketing Mix Today

Qatar Phone Number List
Qatar Phone Number List

People told him he didn’t need a site or that a basic one-page site would do. However, Keith knew that a great site Qatar Phone Number would present his message, his mission and his sincere intention to help others. His site looks great on mobile devices, catching the attention of anyone who might be interested in his offering as they pass by. The Craigslist Strategy Craigslist is still one of the best ways to generate cheap leads. Keith’s strategy included a few Qatar Phone Number key steps. He had two different versions of his ad. One presented his company and his services, the other was a little more personal. He posted in the services section under real estate services, moving services, and other places where his competitors weren’t. He posted an ad every Friday, with each ad going live for 4 weeks.

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