2021 Back-to-school Shopping Season

Back-to-school ad spending reached nearly $102 billion last year. With the challenges of the pandemic over, 2021 presents a huge opportunity for brands to Cayman Islands Phone Number List capitalize on this seasonal goldmine. Is a thorough omnichannel strategy the key to unlocking your success. In a post-pandemic world, ranking higher on Google and Amazon, and accelerating revenue growth this back-to-school shopping season? Read on to discover ideas and strategies for social media, programmatic, organic, and paid advertising, website optimization. And more for a successful back-to-school season. Omnichannel tips for targeting back-to-school audiences As with any seasonal period, it pays to show up early to new back-to-school buyers. Plan to increase your prospecting budget about a month before you expect your customers to buy. Then scale remarketing 2-3 weeks before.

School Shoppers

Even though the back-to-school shopping season is relatively short, retargeting strategies can still be used to help convert more customers. To help buyers get the items they need and increase your average order value (AOV), try these strategies. Prominently display recommended or “also purchased” products throughout the funnel. You can also cross-sell products used together in the classroom (for example, whiteboards and dry-erase markers or binders and dividers). Show back-to-school items that are commonly purchased together after a shopper adds an item to the cart and while it’s in the cart.

School Product

Cayman Islands Phone Number List
Cayman Islands Phone Number List

Use DSP retargeting during transaction windows, with dynamic e-commerce ads for smaller product. Catalogs and custom images redirecting to your back to school store subpage for larger catalogs. Back-to-school product feed tips Your product feeds are crucial to a fundamental aspect of selling online. Providing accurate information to your customers. Product feeds are data files that include specific product data used to power Shopping ads, as well as categorical data on your listing, such as product title, product price, image URLs , discount codes and many more customizable attributes. This data file contains all the necessary information you need to segment product groups in Shopping campaigns. As you would any seasonal period, make sure your merchant promotions are plan and configure in advance in Google and Microsoft Merchant Centers.

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