20 Free Real Estate Negotiation Tips and Scripts

When it comes to negotiations, some tactics work overtime. So we’ve compiled a list of some common real estate negotiation tips. But before UK Phone Number we dive in, we all know that price isn’t something that’s set in stone. And neither is a seller’s immediate inclination to work with or not to work with you, the real estate agent or investor. They might call you ready to sell but a few days later lose interest. Or they could call skeptical and leave the call ready to sign. Part of what determines these results is how you negotiate with sellers and buyers: what you say, the questions you ask…even the way you speak .

Get Your Trading

The first thing we’d like to mention—before we dive into the 10 tips our three experts offered—is about what we call pre-trading . Before making a call with a salesperson for the first time, they have preconceived ideas about who you are, what you do, and what your business looks like. They unknowingly collected this information through your offline marketing materials (direct mail, bandit boards, etc.) and online marketing materials (your website and digital advertisements) and possibly through referrals from a friend or family member. They come thinking you are desperate for deals. Maybe they come thinking you are trustworthy and levelheaded. Maybe they arrive not knowing what you are doing, but curious how you could help them. Whatever they believe, for better or worse, is a direct result of the brand you’ve created.

Price Right Away

UK Phone Number List
UK Phone Number List

This is why building a well-respected brand in your community is so important. This makes sellers more likely to trust your opinions, value your feedback, and answer your questions honestly, making your job as a seller much easier. But how do you prepare the ground for effective and profitable negotiations? Here are some quick tips… Add credibility to your website – When someone visits your website, you want to build as much credibility as possible… as quickly as possible. This means including testimonials from satisfied past sellers, emphasizing that you are a local real estate investor, showing your reviews online, being honest about your process, and sharing your company’s vision and mission.

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