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Inbound marketing for real estate investors is essential to business growth. CORN… …for some of you, misconceptions and beliefs are Uruguay Phone Number holding you back. They keep you from taking action and moving forward – because when you think something isn’t going to be worth it , then you aren’t going to do it and you certainly aren’t going to invest in it. And not doing something that would help your business grow is detrimental. This is why it is essential, as real estate investors, that we examine our limiting beliefs for fallacious thoughts and ideas. If you believe some of these myths… you’re leaving $1,000 in potential deals on the table!

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We have found that real estate websites can convert more and are more profitable than offline leads. Additionally, your website will be the central hub to track all of your marketing efforts. Even offline leads, from cold calling to direct mail. So why do you need a website? The first is that you want to own your brand. You want to have a website to secure your name in your market, and a website is a perfect way to do that. You want to connect the website to your name, business, and brand because that’s what consumers will be looking for online, and you want to make sure your website appears and not a competitor’s.

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Uruguay Phone Number List

And that is also true of owning your name. You want potential buyers and sellers to search for your business name on Google. Having a website will help solidify you, your brand, and your business. Think about it: even when you give a salesperson a business card, they might lose it or not even look at it when they search for your business. You want them to be able to Google your name and easily find your website. Start with this basic assumption that they’re going to search for you on Google and that having a website to direct them to after that search will help you keep them in the long run. Besides lead generation and owning your brand, last but not least, a reason for having a website is convenience for you and your customers.

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