10 of the Main Mistakes in Social Networks That Harm Your Social Media Strategy

If a good strategy in social networks leads you to the objectives , a bad strategy and mistakes in social networks hinder your growth and keep you from your business goals in social media. There are many errors in social networks, although there are some main errors that businesses make in them, and that are recurrent. Thus, in personalized training with digital businesses and small businesses, there are recurring questions about why my social media strategy fails, if I think I’m doing it right. And the reality is different: they are making social media mistakes that lead to failure. My job as a social media consultant in social networks is to detect them to help the business to have a winning strategy in social networks. Main mistakes in social networks of companies and professional brands.

There Are Therefore Common Mistakes in Social Networks

Main mistakes , the most common, that you are surely making. Let’s sort them below, to detect them and see how to fix them : 1- Error 1: Not planning the strategy; solution: make a Social Media Plan Surely you will be publishing things as you can, have time, and others. A very common sweden phone numbers  mistake in social networks is not having a social network plan, not planning your social media strategy . All online activity is planned in advance, to know where you want to go and how, and then measure the results. Solution : carry out a social media audit and a Social Media Plan for your brand right now. 2- Mistake 2: Reaching the wrong audience; solution: study your target audience and buyer person You may have a plan, but you’re attacking the wrong crowd. Being seen by people.

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You Are Not Interested in Attracting as Customers on Social Networks

Solution : carry out a study of the current audience you have.  And see if it matches the audience you want to reach. Find your types of target audience.  What social networks they are on, what they think. Where they comment, who they follow. And then you will try to attract them to your social profiles. And finally, determine your ideal customer profile.  Or buyer person, the center of all your activity on social networks.  The target of your social media strategy. 3- Error.  Not having goals; solution: set SMART goals Thus.Surely you will not know if you are meeting the estimated results.  If you have not previously set goals on social networks.

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