10 Facebook Strategies for Companies That Work

What is the use of having a facebook page today? Do you have a facebook strategy for your business? This is a recurring question for a while. Companies do not see the utility of having facebook for their business, because they do not know how to sell on facebook . That is why we see abandoned pages, with few followers, or with little interaction. And yes, it may be partly to blame for the facebook algorithm , but not all. Thus, we can sell on facebook and sell on social networks, if we have clear objectives and clear strategies. Any strategy needs time to implement, and to see the results. Many businesses want everything for yesterday, and be clear that this does not work. In this facebook guide i summarize some of the effective strategies on facebook for companies and businesses.

What Does a Facebook Strategy Need?

Keys to having effective Facebook strategies Before having Facebook, you have to be clear about several points before defining your strategy in this social network: Who do you want to sell to on Facebook? That is, you have to know your target audience on Facebook . The target audience russian phone numbers is the group of people that make up the audience to which you want to sell, to whom your actions on social networks are directed, in this case on Facebook. We are not interested in reaching another public, only those who can buy us on Facebook. It is key for our strategy on Facebook to be successful. What have you done so far on Facebook to sell? Facebook strategies for businesses are not like the mushrooms that grow after a few days of rain in autumn.

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With an Audit of Your Business on Facebook

Social Media Audit , you see what you have done on Facebook so far, what has worked for you, and especially, what has not. We see the results obtained, the metrics and kpis on Facebook , and draw conclusions. The competition on Facebook Of course, on Facebook you don’t play alone. The definition of your strategy on Facebook has to take into account the competition, current and possible. The Social Media Audit for Facebook gives us good data in this regard. It positions us with respect to that competition, and we see where we are, better or worse than them. What works well for them, and what works badly. Objectives for Facebook Ok, at this point, we need to set some SMART goals for Facebook .

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